Inhouse is a more!

Inhouse is an effective form of collaborative learning:

  • Inhouse means tailor-made
  • Tailor-made requires a precisely fitting preparation
  • Precise learning content, examples/applications
  • Didactically tailored to the participants

From knowledge to competence

We train.
Defined roles require defined competencies.Example of a role transfer: technical expert --> moderator --> coach --> mentor.In this way, competence development succeeds in the company.

We design active learning experiences.
The participants feel that they are developing personally and professionally. References to operational challenges create conditions for successful anchoring in everyday life.

We ensure continuity and proximity through:
- Integration into overall strategy/management systems
- Consistency in the trainer team

Stories, images, emotions in the learning context

Condense and hold energies - Then learning makes sense and is fun. Our standard for every event. Learning means letting go, exploring and questioning what is known.

Holistic approach

Inspiration for participants and trainers succeeds through skillful diversity of methods:

  • Presentation of modules tested in practice (seminar) Units for theory transfer with practical examples
  • Interaction Interactive exercise units to work through the learning content
  • Case work Assignments for independent implementation of practical applicationsCoaching (individual, team) Support to deepen the learning content and results
  • Supervision/Test Review and competence check

Innovation/Risk & Quality Management

Technical is good - holistic is better.Holistic competence building along the fields:

  • Professionalism & Methodology
  • Communication & Interaction
  • Personal growth & transformation