Leading Communication – Professional FMEA Moderation
Three key success factors for FMEA moderators

  • Moderation competence
  • Communication and social competence
  • Personal and transformative competence

Using our methods and many years of experience in training and coaching, we will support you in learning exactly these competencies and implementing them on a practical basis.

Key Talks
Good communication is a key qualification for management staff!

Measures to achieve improvement, change and transformation must be firmly anchored within the company. When managing employees, this takes place in particular using the five central discussion tools:

  • Agreeing objectives
  • Assessment/feedback
  • Criticism
  • Conflict
  • Coaching

Skilful use of these discussion tools creates an impact and ensures sustainability. Change and transformation become tangible and measurable. This pays off in innovation, risk and quality management, in customer contact or even in sales.

Leading Communication
Good communication improves management conduct and collaboration in teams. Enhanced leadership competence can be constructively used to achieve a gain in:

  • Time
  • Authority
  • Loyalty
  • Clarity and orientation
  • Systematization
  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Solution competence

Modern leadership requires communication that both initiates and supports change and also facilitates transformation at various levels.It’s not just about activating permanent improvement processes but particularly about shaping the future.

Managers who perceive deeper underlying problems, wishes or behavioral motivations in their employees are in a position to have an impact. They get to the heart of the matter more quickly. This also pays off whether it’s done in the context of personnel management, customer contact or sales.