Ensuring technical cleanliness with FMEA: procedure and rules for success
A variety of mechanical and E/E systems require capable concepts for technical cleanliness. The goals are to control the causes of contamination and to avoid additional costs and field failures. Technical standards such as VDA Volume 19 form the basis of requirements and risk management for technical cleanliness.

Our FMEA-ONLINE event does the following:

  • Analyze "Hygenic Design" in the context of D-FMEA
  • Analyze particle entry, particle entrainment, particle formation with FMEA
  • Analyze clean zone (SaS1), clean room (SaS2), clean room (SaS3) with FMEA
  • Master the fault types leakage current, voltage flashover, electrical insulation in contacts, electrochemical migration (ECM) due to hygroscopic particles with FMEA
  • Scope of services

  • Precisely tailored information at the highest level of quality
  • Dialogue to answer questions
  • Training documents (PDF download)
  • Certificate of participation
  • Benefit

    Analyze unacceptable particle loading and/or chemical contamination with FMEA.
    Effectively minimize risks associated with Technical Cleanliness.
    Avoid field failures due to unacceptable contamination.

    Group of participants

    Employees from development, quality, project management, process planning, production, assembly and FMEA moderators.

    Participant fee
    The participation fee is 138,00€ (net)