Develop MSR FMEA (monitoring and system response) -Results rules in case of fault detection in the field.
Until August 2019, the question of how to model discovery measures during the use of a technical system in the design FMEA raged in the FMEA expert circles. To this end, the buzzword "discovery measures in the field" emerged. Connected with many detailed questions.
The FMEA method description AIAG/VDA now represents the "state of the art" for this. Instead of "occurrence and detection probabilities", "frequency and monitoring" are now available for risk assessment. These enable the FMEA moderator with his team to analyze risk assessments for technical systems in case of occurring malfunctions during application with integrated diagnosis and system reaction.
Scope of services

  • Precisely tailored information at the highest level of quality
  • Dialogue to answer questions
  • Training documents (PDF download)
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  • Benefit

    Participants learn to practically apply FMEA-MSR as a complementary tool to Design FMEA.

    Group of participants

    The DC Online Event is aimed at specialists and managers from the areas of quality management, engineering, product development, project management, purchasing, production, service and IT.

    Participant fee
    The participation fee is 138,00€ (net)
    Future dates of the event December 2024
    Develop MSR FMEA (monitoring and system response) - Results rules in case of fault detection in the field. 03.12.2024 Livestream DE To the event