Successful Integration of DFMEA within System Engineering

The DFMEA process is often considered part of quality control and APQP process in parallel to System Engineering (SE), aka V-Model. However, they both directly contribute to te quality of the product function.

SE’s objective is to ensure “product functionality” does not deviate from the customer requirements via a hierarchical definition of Requirements, Specifications, Verification and validation (V&V). The V-Model decomposes product functions to System, Sub-System and Component design functions, followed by hierarchical testing and V&V.

DFMEA objective is also to ensure the reliability/robustness of the same “product functionality” via first accessing the highest possible risk of failures during full lifecycle operation of the product and second defining a set of Preventive and Detective Actions (PA & DA) to mitigate the highest risks.

This webinar teach you how to integrate SE and DFMEA and achieve both objectives at the same time during product development process.


  • What is FMEA & What is D-FMEA?
  • What are benefits of performing a D-FMEA?
  • How D-FMEA is linked with “System Design” and “Verification”?
  • How are Req. Specs., DFMEA and DVPL interacting?
  • What are Cascading Req. Specs and Decomposing Functions?
  • Can Req. Specs be used instead of Design Functions for DFMEA?
  • Are we agreeing on Definitions?
  • How “D-FMEA Structure” links to “Design Functions”?
  • Why do we need to base D-FMEAs on “Function & Function- Net” and derive “failure & failure-net” from?
  • How can Systems Engineering and engineering-BoM share a hierarchy?
  • Scope of services

  • The right information of the highest quality
  • Dialogue to respond to questions
  • Seminar documents (PDF download)
  • Certificate of participation
  • Benefit

    Participants will gain:

    • Ability of using one product functional hierarchy for “System Engineering” as well as for DFMEA
    • Ability to integrate the 7 steps of DFMEA into product development process and gate-model
    • Ability to see the DFMEA maturity of different systems and subsystems
    • Ability of reducing DFMEA complexity via hierarchical functional interface

    Group of participants

    • System Engineers
    • Senior design engineers and experts
    • PM and Quality managers


    Basic knowledge of System Engineering is required

    Participant fee
    The participation fee is 138,00€ (net)
    Future dates of the event September 2024
    Successful Integration of DFMEA within System Engineering 17.09.2024 Livestream EN To the event