Effective and Efficient FMEA through Powerful Risk Filters

Getting to the heart of customer requirements while recognizing and minimizing implementation risks at an early stage. All this with little effort! In our FMEA work, these goals are often an important one. With our approach of the QFD matrix, combined with a risk checklist, we inspire our customers.

Get to know and appreciate our approach. Our DC ONLINE event is the perfect way to do so.

  • Building specific risk filters
  • Application of the risk filters

ImportantThis event does not currently have an available date. Please contact us if you are interested.
Scope of services

  • Precisely fitting information at the highest quality level
  • Each participant will receive a training confirmation
  • Each participant receives the webinar training material
  • Benefit

    In this DC ONLINE event, you will learn the practical and everyday application of an impressively simple procedure to help shape innovations and prepare FMEA in an early phase.

    Group of participants

    This DC ONLINE event will be of interest to anyone who values and applies methodical approaches and teamwork to the development of products, services and manufacturing processes. Project management, development, quality, work planning assembly/production.

    Participant fee
    The participation fee is 138,00€ (net)