Design-FMEA & DVP&R: Mastering interfaces Save costs through optimal coordination
A considerable reduction of time and costs is achieved by an optimal conformity of FMEA design and DVP&R. Verification and validation are necessary within the framework of product development. Verification and validation is the content of the FMEA design in the Detection Measures column, which form the intersection set to the DVP&R. Both the documents are thus closely connected and must be maintained and controlled synchronously. The “format mismatch" can kept under control and the consistency of the two documents can be practiced by understanding the interactions of the two documents and their intersections.During the webinar, the interplay and intersections of both the FMEA design and DVP&R documents will be discussed in detail. It will be demonstrated, how the continuity of the documents is implemented and format mismatches can be kept under control.

  • Verification and validation measures for DFMEA
  • Content intersections for DFMEA and DVP&R
  • Development and Change Management for DFMEA and DVP&R
  • Coordinated development of the DFMEA and the DVP&R
  • Scope of services

  • Precisely fitting information at the highest quality level
  • Each participant will receive a training confirmation.
  • Each participant receives the webinar training material.
  • Benefit

    The participants learn to master the format mismatch between FMEA design and DVP&R and to practice the consistency of the documents.

    Group of participants

  • Project manager
  • Quality manager
  • Interested management staff from all departments
  • FMEA moderators
  • Experts for planned FMEA
  • Quality auditors
  • Participant fee
    The participation fee is 138,00€ (net)
    Future dates of the event October 2024
    Design-FMEA & DVP&R: Mastering interfaces 10.10.2024 Livestream DE To the event