Minitab software – Training | Training – Fundamentals of Statistics for Six Sigma / Quality Management
Minitab® is a user-friendly software solution used for data collection and data analysis in the scope of improvement projects or Six Sigma projects. The safe handling ofthe software solution is important to be able to back up decisions with the data. Using practical examples from production, research and quality assurance, we will show you how to use the software solution safely and how to draw the right conclusions from statistical data.
ImportantThis event does not currently have an available date. Please contact us if you are interested.

The Minitab® work surface

  • Initial steps and tips in Minitab®
  • The project manager
  • Managing projects
  • The navigator, the symbol bars, the menu

Data input

  • Data input, copy data, stack data, sort data, etc.
  • Data types and data formatting
  • Generate data with patterns
  • Random number generator

Diagrams and graphs: Data visualization

  • Producing graphs: the graph menu
  • Updating graphs after changing the data set
  • Reading, interpreting and editing graphs
  • Types of graphs: Scatter plot, matrix plot, histogram, dot plot, single value plot, error bar plot, box whisker plot, bar chart, pie charts, 3D charts, etc.
  • Formatting graphs
  • Producing graphs with grouping variables

Fundamentals of data analysis

  • Investigation of the data structure
  • Calculating and interpreting descriptive statistics: Location parameters (mean, mode, median) and scatter parameters (range, variance, standard deviation)
  • Normal distribution: When are data normally distributed? How does the user make use of this knowledge? How can we find this out quickly and easily? What does it mean if data are not normally distributed?
  • How can outliers be detected quickly and easily? How should we handle outliers?

Data from other programs

  • Importing data from other applications
  • Dynamic link with Excel

Simple hypothesis tests

  • Test for mean values
  • Scatter test
  • Chi² test
  • What is significance?
  • The p-value
  • Simple regression analysis

Example files
Example files are handed out to all participants at the start of the training (via email). The examples are practical and originate either from literature or from the trainer’s professional experience. The evaluation of example files from the practical experience of training participants is welcome (confidential data should be anonymized in advance).

Objective “Minitab®– Training”
Participants learn the basic functionalities of Minitab®. The focus is on the safe handling of the Minitab® user interface, the creation of meaningful diagrams and the handling of statistical data from production, research and QA, e.g. within the scope of improvement- or Six Sigma projects. Participants should be able to import and prepare data and independently create diagrams and evaluations.

Scope of services

  • 2 days
  • Comprehensive training documents
  • Trainers with practical experience
  • Confirmation of participation and qualification
  • Plenty of opportunities to share experiences and transfer knowledge
  • Option to edit participant records


  • Professional data analysis through user-friendly interfaces
  • Creation of easy-to-interpret graphics, for complex data sets too
  • Evaluation of data sets using statistical measures
  • Safe differentiation between apparent and true effects
  • Use of available data for process optimization

Group of participants

  • All those who wish to use Minitab® in their day-to-day work or project work to carry out professional data analysis and create diagrams.
  • Sales staff
  • Engineers
  • Masters in manufacturing
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Developers from laboratories and research
  • Quality assurance personnel
  • and all those involved in developing products and processes, quality assurance, data analysis and data visualization.
  • Participant fee
    The participation fee is 1.150,00€ (net)