FMEA online: After a successful premiere, the new format is moving on to the next round

The premiere was a success. More than 280 experts and individuals who are interested in FMEA registered for the first FMEA online. On average, around 250 of them were live when host Winfried Dietz first spoke about current challenges — but also opportunities — for FMEA and risk management. This was followed by the three qualified specialists Riccardo Stüber (Schaeffler Technologies), Wolfgang Hinrichs (Mercedes-Benz), and Dr. Alexander Schloske (Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation), who did a great job of speaking about three exciting and specific topics.

FMEA online: congenial, honest, practical

Riccardo Stüber dug into the topic of interface FMEA vs. FMEA interfaces, Wolfgang Hinrichs talked about monitoring and system reaction, and Dr. Alexander Schloske provided answers to the question: Prevention, detection, reaction — or what? All three speakers not only shared their extensive expertise, but also gave deep insights into FMEA practice. And FMEA online always remained congenial and honest along the way, with small-scale incidents that are inevitable with online forums of this size — from distorted microphone noise to the humorous excuse of having to finish that half-eaten cookie before answering a live question from the online audience.

FMEA speakers received praise from the FMEA community

The participants were actively involved with questions and didn’t hold back from giving praise in their live comments: “Thank you very much for your valuable information,” and “Great organization and great event presented in an understandable way” counted as a few. “Many thanks to everyone who made this web forum possible” was in there, too. Other participants described FMEA online as trend-setting, a great alternative, and nothing short of a success. The word “applause” could also be found several times over in the comments. As one of the speakers who was thus jointly responsible for the successful premiere of FMEA online, Wolfgang Hinrichs touched on how proud he was to be part of this milestone.

FMEA online is much more than a Webinar XXL

The idea behind the new offer for online learning and networking is to make FMEA knowledge and best practice easily available on the web anywhere in the world during disruptive times. And FMEA online is more than just a Webinar XXL. The new DIETZ Consultants format brings several experts together in an online forum to learn as part of a magical competence-customer-process dynamic, and to smoothly transition from knowledge to practical skills.

Unique online forum will not remain unique

“It worked great and I would be happy if there were more online topics,” wrote one participant in the forum as a personal final comment. He and those who think like him can breathe a sigh of relief. After all, for DIETZ Consultants, one thing is clear: The unique web forum, which this year has taken the place of the FMEA Forum due to the Corona crisis, will not remain unique. In fact, we are already working on the follow-up, the next part of which will go live online in April — with more exciting topics and great speakers in the mix.