Identification and development of FMEA Subject Matter (Experts/Moderators/Facilitators)
  • for the discovering of potential: Identifying potential employees, that show special skills for the role of a FMEA moderator
  • for objective agreements: Defining objective agreements for employees qualities to be further developed within an agreed time period
  • for the further development: Determining the competence areas of the FMEA moderator in the given environment, which should be optimally prepared in order to achieve the greatest possible effect in the company
  • in case of changes in the requirements for FMEA moderators: An evaluation of employees competencies in relation to developing requirements
  • ImportantThis event does not currently have an available date. Please contact us if you are interested.

  • Preparation for the matchmaking
    Defining the required qualifications and competencies, which a FMEA moderator/expert should ideally have in context to your company. Development of a target profile in accordance with the corporate culture and strategy in order to achieve an optimum value of the aptitude-diagnostic tools.
    (€ 845,00)
  • Identification of a pool of potentially suitable candidates
    Support for the pre-selection of suitable candidates within your company based on the target profile. We also initiate the external candidate search or support your personnel department in the search process, if required. (€ 845,00 for the internal search, at cost for the external search)
  • Implementation of matchmaking
    a) aptitude-diagnostic tool
    Submitting and answering of each questionnaire by the candidate and manager. Both receive the link to the questionnaire via email. The evaluation report of the aptitude-diagnostic tool follows an algorithm.
    b) Evaluation session and candidate recommendation for the matchmaking
    Defining the individual aptitude of the respective candidate with regard to the target profile. Firstly, the basic points are discussed, which should be addressed by the manager in the candidate interview. Secondly, sensitization of the manager for possible triggering points/challenges in consultation with the respective candidates.(€ 650,00 per candidate)
  • Discussing the evaluations with the matchmaking candidates
    Discussing the basic evaluation results with the candidates with a professional expert trained for this. Filtering the findings, which can strengthen the candidate in his self-reflection. Thereby, there is an increased probability for the willingness for further development. It is especially useful for those candidates, who should be promoted within the company in the future. (€ 325,00 per candidate)
  • Post-processing
    Recommendation of measures for the competence development of the selected candidate profile(s). Differentiation of measures according to the priority and effectiveness depending on the target profile. Development of the efficiency potentials in the training and development process of the selected candidates. (€ 845,00 per candidate)
  • Scope of services

  • 2 days
  • Professional training management
  • Training documents (PDF download)
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunch as well as snacks and beverages during the coffee/tea breaks
  • Adequate freedom for sharing experiences and knowledge transfer
  • A pleasant training atmosphere with the best service
  • Benefit

  • Identification of the conformities and the deviations with regard to the job profiles of the additional qualification “FMEA moderator”.
  • Discovering the development fields and potentials for a specific investment in an employee, who wants to (further) qualify as a FMEA moderator.
  • Visualising the development over time by using the following measures
  • Participant fee
    The participation fee is 1.820,00€ (net)