FMEA compact Methods, IQ application and moderation Knowing overlaps, using synergies, saving time
FMEA methodology, software applications and moderation techniques have large intersections. Knowing them and using the synergies significantly reduces the required amount of time. The FMEA compact seminar enables field experts for planned FMEAs and potential FMEA moderators to successfully complete FMEA analysis and prepare for FMEA moderators' task - from the system structure to the development of the complete FMEA.
ImportantThis event does not currently have an available date. Please contact us if you are interested.

Objective of FMEA for products and processes:

  • Important definitions for terms (e.g. system, process and product FMEA; Avoidance and discovery measures etc.)
  • Developing the system structure for products and processes
  • The seven steps of FMEA (AIAG/VDA manual, 1st edition 2019)
  • Elaborating functional correlations for products and processes
  • Developing potential malfunctions and defining failure nets
  • Measures and risk assessment
  • Special features of MSR FMEA (detection measures and system reactions in the field)
  • Success factors in developing FMEA
  • Reduction of FMEA development costs
  • Harmonized evaluation catalogues (meaning, occurrence, detection)
  • Action priority (AP) instead of risk priority number (RPN)
  • FMEA interfaces to other tools (including QFD, DVP&R, Control Plan)
  • Development of additional measures for system optimisation

    Software training (e.g. IQ FMEA):

  • Important system settings
  • The necessary commands for developing a complete FMEA

    Procedure for preparing an FMEA moderation:

  • Tasks of a FMEA moderator
  • Procedure for moderating FMEA team meetings /Phases of a FMEA moderation
  • Moderation (elocution, active listening, setting) for FMEA moderators
  • Group dynamics and dealing with conflicts for FMEA moderators
  • Proven tips and tricks for successful FMEA moderation
  • Project monitoring for FMEA moderators

  • Scope of services

  • 2 days
  • Professional seminar management
  • Seminar documents (PDF download)
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunch as well as snacks and beverages during the coffee/tea breaks
  • Adequate freedom for sharing experiences and knowledge transfer
  • A pleasant training atmosphere with the best service
  • Benefit

    Participants will be able to:

  • Participate successfully in FMEA analyses as "subject matter experts".
  • Efficient and time-saving execution of FMEA in companies / within projects
  • Sustainable documentation and reuse of existing knowledge and experience gained.
  • Recording of results through systematic measure tracking with practical reference
  • prepare for the FMEA moderator task

  • Group of participants

    Experts for planned FMEA

    Participant fee
    The participation fee is 1.150,00€ (net)