FMEA moderation efficiency Through qualified moderation to error-free results
A methodically clear FMEA is a prerequisite for success. A qualified FMEA moderator is another. He can significantly reduce the effort and make a major contribution to the development of effective results. In this FMEA Moderation seminar, prospective FMEA moderators will accomplish the skillset required to conduct analyses in a time-efficient and goal-oriented manner and record the work results in a time-synchronised manner with basic knowledge of the method.

  • Tasks of a FMEA moderator
  • Forming FMEA project teams
  • Procedure for preparing an FMEA moderation
  • Procedure for moderating FMEA team meetings/Phases of a FMEA moderation
  • Communication (success factors) for FMEA moderators
  • Language (elocution, effect, body language)for FMEA moderators
  • Moderation (elocution, active listening,setting) for FMEA moderators
  • Group dynamics and dealing with conflicts for FMEA moderators
  • Presentation techniques for FMEA moderators
  • Visualisation techniques for FMEA moderators
  • Proven tips and tricks for successful FMEA moderation
  • Project monitoring for FMEA moderators
  • Learning about typical hurdles and how to handle them
  • Scope of services

  • 2 days
  • Professional seminar management
  • Seminar documents (PDF download)
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunch as well as snacks and beverages during the coffee/tea breaks
  • Adequate freedom for sharing experiences and knowledge transfer
  • A pleasant training atmosphere with the best service
  • Benefit

    Achievement of skills:

  • Managing FMEA team meetings time-effectively and expediently
  • Recording FMEA work results synchronously
  • Group of participants

    Future FMEA moderators


    Methodological knowledge FMEA

    Participant fee
    The participation fee is 1.150,00€ (net)
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