Special features in the D and P FMEA - identification and validation
Special features (BM) play a crucial role in the customer-supplier relationship. Safety, functionality and cost relevance must be properly "balanced".Our DC Online Event does the following:
- Identification of the candidates of the BM
- Qualification / filtering techniques
- Handing over and securing the BM
- Robustness as silver bullet
- The role of the FMEA in the context of BM
Scope of services

Tailor-made information at the highest quality level
Dialogue to respond to questions
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Competence to identify, "filter" and secure actual Special Characteristics

Group of participants

The DC Online Event is aimed at specialists and executives from the areas of quality management, engineering, product development, project management, purchasing, production, service and IT.

Participant fee
The participation fee is 138,00€ (net)