DVP & R (Design Verification Plan & Reports) and Design-FMEA Knowing and successfully using interfaces.
FMEA design anticipates potential malfunctions and risks. DVP&R is a planning tool for the systematic determination of necessary testing and verification. Both are closely interlinked and must be kept in sync for trouble-free series start-up. The FMEA Special seminar teaches FMEA moderators, subject matter experts, quality managers, auditors and project managers to use the crucial intersections.
ImportantThis event does not currently have an available date. Please contact us if you are interested.

  • Structure of D-FMEA (system and design FMEA) according to VDA rules
  • Risk assessment in product-FMEA as per VDA
  • Handling special features
  • Structure of a design verification plan & report (DVP&R)
  • Integrated creation of a design verification plan & report and FMEA
  • Relations between FMEA and DVP&R
  • Creation and maintenance in software IQ from APIS
  • Scope of services

  • 1 day
  • Professional seminar management
  • Seminar documents (PDF download)
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunch as well as snacks and beverages during the coffee/tea breaks
  • Adequate freedom for sharing experiences and knowledge transfer
  • A pleasant training atmosphere with the best service
  • Benefit

    Planning verification and validation measures in the context of product development is essential for achieving the objective: Smooth series production. The event provides significant interactions between D-FMEA and DVP&R:

  • Interactions: Design-FMEA and DVP& R
  • Creation of DVP&R with contents from design FMEA
  • Overall behaviour of measures and results from DVP&R and D-FMEA

  • Group of participants

  • FMEA moderators
  • Experts for planned FMEA
  • Quality manager
  • Quality auditors
  • Project manager
  • Participant fee
    The participation fee is 580,00€ (net)